This is our story

This is our story

What drives us

We think that every entrepreneur deserves the chance to build a healthy relationship with their customers. With the help of this platform we’re driven to help entrepreneurs of all sizes by providing them the tools which will make this easier to achieve.

We’re on a mission

It is important to have advanced loyalty software easily available for everyone. Which makes it our personal mission to build super easy loyalty software which even the youngest entrepreneurs with their lemonade stands are able to use. We also make it our duty to have customers and entrepreneurs better connected than ever before. 

During our attempt to achieve this mission all your help is very much appreciated! We would also appreciate it if you tell other entrepreneurs about our mission in our quest to give everyone access to advanced loyalty tools.

Who are we

We have a huge love for everything related to the digital world. Our passion goes out to working on innovative and inspiring projects which add value to our fellow humans. Spari is one of those inspiring projects we’re working on with full dedication, love and care.

How did this idea started?

The local barbershop Georgio frequently visits uses an old fashioned paper stampcard. When he continuously forgot to bring this card with him and he always lost the temporary stamps on the bill, he started thinking about how to solve this problem. Throwing multiple solutions to the wall to see what kept sticking, one of the ideas that sticked the best was building an simple app which can hold all the loyalty cards in one place. Georgio then started building and bringing this idea to life... Poof! That is the story of how Spari was born.

What do you think? Aren’t you getting crazy about all the seperate loyalty coupons etc in your overpacked wallet?

About our name

During the development of this idea, an new passion was growing. We started to love the idea of building products in our mission to connect humans with the help of technology. During our research we’ve stumbled upon the auxiliary language Esperanto, which was constructed in 1887 with the idea to become the communication language of the world which would allow different cultures to communicate. Our product was build to make loyalty easier for entrepreneurs and consumers, allowing people to save, which is the direct translation of Spari.

Funfact about Esperanto; This language is currently spoken in more than 120 countries and is currently a quite popular multicultural language in Europe!

(Visit for more about Esperanto)

Kreita kun amo!
- Created with love!
Georgio Sterk