Special thanks

Special thanks

This page is dedicated to the amazing people who are currently working or have worked in the past behind the scenes of our product. Below you'll find an list with names of people who worked on our product, together with their role they fulfilled within our organisation.

We work with a lot of passion and love on our products, which reflects back in the result of our entire online digital precense.

Personal message from Georgio to our ex-employees:
For all the people who have worked for us in the past.. You all have a special place in my heart and I'll fully support all your future adventures (the minimum I'll do is leave this digital reference for your future potential employers who possibly search for your name through Google)! :-)

So, back to business...
Are you an employer who landed on this page, because maybe one of these persons have applied for a job and you're just here to do some research about the candidate? Do know that we truely appreciate this person for all their efforts and dedication they have delivered for our company and happily recommend them!

Kimberley Toredjo
Visual/UX Designer

Jamil Grannetia
Brand Identity

Raymundo Brunst
Backend Developer

Latisha St. Jago
Visual/UX Designer