The pricing mentioned on this page is applied to companies who are using our platform to provide loyalty to their customers. We're not applying any costs for use of the Wallet app, so consumers (ie. the customers of your company) can use our Wallet app for free.


$ 0,- / mo
  • Has
  • Unlimited points
  • Unlimited stampcards
  • 5 unique rewards
  • 1 unique prepaidcard
  • 1 business location


$ 9,- / mo
  • Has
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • Features
  • Creating discounts
  • Manage loyalty email
  • Limits
  • Unlimited unique rewards
  • Unlimited unique prepaidcard
  • 1 employee profile
  • 2 business locations


  • Has
  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Features
  • Mailchimp plugin
  • Limits
  • Custom employee accounts
  • Custom business locations
  • Optional
  • Custom App development
  • Custom API plugin

All prices mentioned do not yet include the legally required VAT, which will be applied during checkout. When registering your company to our platform, we do not require any payment information, since we'll automatically apply our (free) Basic plan so you can try our product at your own pace. Once you're ready you can easily upgrade to a suitable plan, features or even custom development.