Create stampcard

As a company, you must first configure a stamp card before you can distribute it to customers.

Step 1

Via our dashboard you can create the stamp cards that you want to offer with your company. Navigate on the left in the dashboard to "Stamp card" (1), then you will see an overview of all the stamp cards of your company. Here you can edit a stamp card (2) or create a new stamp card (3).

Step 2

When you create a new stamp card or edit a stamp card, you will see a number of fields with which you can configure the stamp card. With the savings goal (1) you set the practical matters, such as what your customer is saving for (for example a free haircut) and how many stamps the customer must save for a full stamp card. . You can then upload an image under details (2) and attach any validity to the stamp card, for example with seasonal stamp cards. Finally, you can add any conditions (3) to saving points or redeeming the card, all of which the customer will see in the app.

Step 3

Now that the stamp cards have been configured, you can easily distribute them to all your customers via the dashboard or the scanner app.

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