Scanner app

As a company you can distribute and claim loyalty via our Scanner app.

Step 1

With our scanner app you can distribute and claim loyalty from your customers. You log in with the account that you also use for our dashboard, and you can install the app via Google Play or the App Store.

Spari scanner app starting screen

Step 2

By pressing the "scan" button, the app can scan a QR code via the camera. In that case, you only have to point the camera at the customer's QR code (which the customer shows from the Wallet app) and the scanner will then automatically recognize the customer for you.

Spari Scanner app that is scanning a qr-code

Step 3

After the scanner has recognized your customer, it will show an overview of all loyalty options configured for your company. Here you can also see what the customer in question has already saved with your company so far.

Spari Scanner results after scanning a QR-code

Step 4

You can then apply or claim the necessary loyalty for that specific customer by pressing the necessary "Add" or "Claim" button for each desired loyalty option.

Assign loyalty to customer via Spari Scanner

Step 5

Once you have entered all necessary loyalty changes for the customer in question, you can definitively process the loyalty and the customer will see these changes in his or her Wallet app.

Process loyalty so that the customer can see it

Optional: Step 6

In addition to being able to process customer loyalty via our scanner app, it is also possible to manage your customers remotely via our dashboard.

You can also add or claim loyalty via our scanner app

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