How it works

Guide for companies that want to provide their customers with loyalty.

Register as company


You can register your company for free to our platform.

Configuring loyalty

Collecting points

You don't have to configure anything to save points, you can award points to your customers directly after registration.


With a stamp card, after configuring it first, you can let your customers save for a specific purpose.


With a prepaid card, after configuring it first, you're able to sell cards with a set amount of points which they'll be able to exchange on their own tempo.

Exchanging loyalty

Wallet app

Your customers can install the Wallet app to receive and view their loyalty. For more information, please refer to the explanation for consumers.

Scanner app

You will have access to our scanner app, with which you can scan the QR code of your customers. After scanning, you can apply or claim the necessary loyalty for that customer.

Customer management

Via our dashboard you can set everything according to your company's wishes and you can also process the necessary loyalty for your customers.

Are you a consumer?

You are currently viewing the explanation intended for companies, we have created a separate explanation for consumers.

If there is anything unclear about these instructions, please do not hestitate to contact us. You'll be able to do that by our e-mail