Customer management

As a company you would like to be able to manage the loyalty of your customers, which can be done via our dashboard.

Step 1

You can manage the loyalty of all your customers via our dashboard. Navigate on the left in the dashboard to "Customers" (1), then you will see an overview of all customers of your company. Here you can edit the loyalty of current customers (2) or add new customers (3).

Overview for managing customers and their earned loyalty

Step 2

When adding a customer, you first enter a name and email address, and when editing a customer, these fields are already automatically filled in (1). You can then specify the loyalty to be provided (2) and when you edit a customer you will also see the option to claim loyalty.

You can easily add or claim loyalty via our dashboard

Optional: Step 3

In addition to managing all your customers via our dashboard, you can of course also process customer loyalty via our scanner app.

You can also add or claim loyalty via our scanner app

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If there is anything unclear about these instructions, please do not hestitate to contact us. You'll be able to do that by our e-mail